Soap by Cleo was borne of a Christmas present I received in 2019 of a soap making class that I took alongside a graphic design course I was studying. Since then the passion for making soap has grown, which, combined with my new graphic design skills became Soap by Cleo.

Made in Kildare

Made in the heart of Kildare, Ireland, I now make soap, lotion bars, solid shampoo bars and candles. I source as many materials as I can locally and the essential oils ingredients come from a supplier nearby.


Each soap, bar and candle is handmade by me.

Handcrafted soaps are much more gentle for your skin than many commercial ones, why? Handcrafted or homemade soaps contain glycerine which locks moisture into your skin. Many brands remove this ingredient, especially liquid soap.

Eco friendly

All my ingredients are kind to the environment and the products are never tested on animals. One of the reasons I fell in love with soap making is that I can create products that leave no waste. We use no plastic and eco-friendly packaging.

Supporting small business

By purchasing a Soap by Cleo product, you are supporting a small business in the heart of the countryside in Co. Kildare. You are supporting my suppliers, the village I live in and the country we love. Thank You for choosing us! I hope you love your product.